WACHTIGALL BOOST is the perfect addition to the drink of your choice and provides it with 100% energy – without changing the taste! The content has approximately the effect of 0.33 liters of conventional energy drinks.

Ingredients: Dextrose, caffeine (4.29%), natural flavor

Amount: 25 pack

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0% sweet

Sweet is so yesterday! In contrast to the usual energy drinks, Wachtigall is neutral in taste.
You decide, with which drink you want to mix Wachtigall because you are the only person who knows exactly which flavour you prefer. And of course, that can also be a big glass of sweet lemonade, sweetheart


100% Energy

Wachtigall is going to wake you up. No matter whether you are exercising or working in the office, whether you are learning or celebrating. You decide how much Wachtigall you want to mix in with your drink.
You are the one to know best how much energy you need at any given time. Create your own favourites.


200% You

No matter whether you choose a Wachtigall gin and tonic, a Wachtigall orange juice, a Wachtigall mulled wine, a Wachtigall spritzer or a Wachtigall Mojito:
It always tastes just the way you like it. The possibilities are endless. Milk or vodka, mate?

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